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Affiliate Program

We are ready to consider any of your offers concerning partnership and take into account the specifics of your work with partners and clients.


Affiliate Program
Every company that has its own website may become an official Corp Soft partner and receive a profit without wasting time in order processing, product delivery, and shipment. Our affiliate program is based on paying the affiliate partner a commission for each client that comes from his website.
Affiliate Partners’ Advantages:

  • - 30% commission for each purchase from his website
  • - No startup costs
  • - Payment simplicity, report transparency


How Does It Work?

Affiliate partners add ready-made advertising banners of OnLAN Messenger software on their websites. Every time a potential buyer visits the affiliate partner’s website and clicks on this banner, he or she goes to Avangate ( invoice issuing automatic system. This link will contain a unique referral number, which allows the system to identify an affiliate partner. By filling out special web form, a buyer sends an invoice bid.

Along with the buyer’s information, a referral number of the affiliate partner, from whose website the buyer came from, is recorded in Avangate system database. In case of a successful payment procedure, Corp Soft takes a sale into account of the affiliate partner.


How to Become an Affiliate

If you are not yet registered to Avangate’s server, you need to fulfill a registration form. You need to indi-cate your personal data, login, and password. Your credentials (code, ID, and password) will be sent to your indicated e-mail address. Then you only need to agree with Corp Soft’s affiliate’s program contract and wait for a confirmation from our manager.

 If you are registered to Avangate’s server, you don’t need to register again. Please read the affiliate’s program contract

 If you have questions, you may ask them here.




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