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Partnership is one of the most successful marketing strategies of Corp Soft. Partnership creates an opportunity for everyone, including customers, to be a winner.
Corp Soft is actively developing a regional market. Multilanguage interfaces for our products are included into our systems from the beginning; therefore, our partners can sell program packages in their local languages.
We collaborate closely with program distributors, active middlemen, system integrators, support services providers, and service providers. Our partners range from large program distributors, who have hundreds of their own resellers, to small IT consulting or support companies. It’s really important for us to provide our partners with qualitative technical and marketing support. Corp Soft guarantees its partners that their clients will always be provided with fast, safe, useful, and effective products.
Our experience enables us to set up cooperative efforts on mutually beneficial terms. If you’re a service provider and are interested in increasing the speed, efficiency, and profitability of your employees or want to increase your network solutions while decrease your support costs then a partnership with Corp Soft is for you.


If you wish to find out more about our partnership programs or participate in them, please follow the links:


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