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New version of OnLAN Messenger is released 3.5.0

OnLAN Messenger 3.5.0 is now available for download.

The changes and fixes since last version:


+ Each message gets its Serial Identifier. The text messages, graphics and files may be send all together.
+ Incompatibility of the exchange protocol with older versions.
+ New format of the database for storing message transcripts and undelivered messages.
  Format is not compatible with the old base.
+ The new GUI for message sending interface.
+ The new GUI for message receiving interface.
+ The new GUI for viewing the correspondence history interface.
+ Animated smiles in send/receive GUI form.
+ It is possible to add variable graphic objects to the message body.
+ Text format is compatible with the MS Word format.
+ Transfer any number of files together with the text message. The files are added to the message body by dragging and dropping.
+ The ability to "open", "save" and "print" the files from the received message field.
+ The message history saves to local base.
* The interface is enhanced.

30/04/2008 18:37

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