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Release of OnLan Messenger - 4.3.0

Desktop sharing and management functionalities are now realized!

Corpsoft Company announces new Release of OnLan Messenger - 4.3.0


New release 4.3.0 takes corporate communication to whole new level. Desktop sharing and management functionalities are now realized to allow making remote presentations. Communication within you company will now become more efficient while work time wasted will be minimized!


For more convenience, new release has options of error sending and auto-updating of the client part during installation, which will also save your system administrator’s time and effort.


A new feature of synchronization by several (selected) OU AD is realized, which will be especially in high demand from companies with a complex organizational structure.


Moreover, some minor errors and problems occurring in previous releases have now been fixed, which guarantees fault-free operation.


OnLan Messenger 4.3.0 is your best choice for effective and secure corporate communication!


You will be able to see the full list of changes, available in Release 4.3.0 here.


The list of changes available in new release 4.3.0


+ Viewing and managing Remote desktops functionality is added;
+ “Send the error” functionality is added;
+ Auto-update of the Client part during installation is added.

Client part:
• Error occurring during sending a message from command line is now corrected;
• Error occurring during connecting to the data base is now corrected

Server part:  
+ The feature of moving a user to the top in the list of department users is added;
+ Selected OU AD synchronization feature is added;
• The error occurring during connecting of two users with the same login is now corrected;
• The error with requests to the database that contains double quotes is now corrected;
• Error processing when no database is found has been added



10/05/2013 17:49

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