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Net Send using OnLAN Messenger!

Command line by using simple commands like «Net Send»

Many system administrators, programmers, IT staff and not only used to send messages to their colleagues from the command line by using simple commands «Net Send». Indeed, it would seem, nothing is easier than the stuff on the keyboard, the words «Net Send», the computer name the recipient and the message text enclosed in quotation marks?

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However, because we prefer Microsoft denied all of this pleasure in the latest operating system Windows Vista and Windows 2008, and removing NetSend WinPopup protocol and the service of sending messages from the functionality for security reasons and to protect against spammers. Indeed, the service is not secure, and allows for the flood, the substitution of the sender and the message delivery guarantees of course not!

Addressing the proposed developer of corporate instant messaging OnLAN Messenger, which realizes the possibility of sending messages in the good old days with the help of arguments as the command «net send» from command line, using its own secure protocol that guarantees delivery, providing protection against spammers, eliminates spoofing and other dangerous elements.

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This goes for those who want to use common commands like «net send» again and again.
Application of this model in mass: this is notification of what the events on the server in automatic mode and integrate into any software for sending out notices of what the event and many other options.

Free version of OnLAN Messenger with full functionality for 5 users is available for download on the site

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