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Fix version OnLAN Messenger 4.2.9

Bug fix version 4.2.9 on lan messenger

CorpSoft company has released a new 4.2.9 version of OnLAN Messenger.


It includes revised options and new features meeting the most up-to-date requirements for the means of corporate communication and provides more convenience with service use.


The new release incorporates the best components of the previous versions, and the product quality was drastically improved by fixing the problems from previous versions.


OnLAN Messenger 4.2.9 guarantees continuos trouble-proof work!


What’s in OnLAN Messenger 4.2.9?

* Quick Start: Documentation is updated; Launch upon installation option is added
Server part:
* The error causing unstable program running is now corrected
* “Email” field in the user data base is increased up to 50 symbols.


Download On LAN Messenger 4.2.9 and see it in action!


25/03/2013 14:13

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