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Server Features

Message Server
- Information encoding
- Information compression to decrease network traffic
- Secure and safe message transfer. Message delivery, decoding, and decompression confirmation
- Console and web interface for service administration
- Controllable and adjustable web interface (fully adjustable administrative module, new user adding module, and user module)
- Three different types of user identification (program database, active directory, and Novell directory service)
- Controllable active user list (blocking/unblocking, history viewing, client closing, and system message sending)
- User list management. You can add and delete users, and change user information.
- Policies settings editing. You can create, delete, and modify your policies.
- New user request (posted via web interface) list management
- Department list management
- License management
- Web interface active session management. You can send a system message to a web browser.
- Message history viewing. You can look over users' message histories. There are different groups of messages: sent, waiting for sending, and waiting for status sending. You can clear all users’ history (or selected users’ history only) without informing them.
- Server command history
- Automatically informing selected administrator about a new registered user
- You can choose which events to save into the system log file.
- You can set up your own user-check time period.
- You can stop (or start) execution server commands in the queue and disconnect from (or connect to) the database.
Message Server Monitor
- Information encoding
- Information compression to decrease network traffic
- Secure and safe message transport. Message delivery, decoding, and decompression confirmation.
- You can start, stop, or restart message server.
- You can run server self-test (from monitor or from client [via monitor if error occurred]).
- Auto-restart messaging service if error occurred
- The monitor can work as a remote service. You can use it to gather information from the server monitor and send commands to that monitor.
- You can protect the server monitor with the password to enable remote connections.
- You can install and uninstall monitor and messaging services.


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