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The stream encryption algorithms are used in OnLAN Messenger. All information that is sent between program modules via the network is encrypted using a crypto-proof algorithm. It eliminates the possibility of interception and information decryption.


Authorization Universality

For user authorization, you can use the OnLAN Messenger security system, Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, or Novell authorization. OnLAN Messenger supports Windows NT/2000/2003 Server authorization. It allows easy integration of the messaging service into your company’s existing information system. You can allow or block access to OnLAN Messenger, using standard user account administration tools.


Dynamic and Adaptable Credentials

While working with OnLAN Messenger, you can dynamically assign different rights to different users and then dynamically change them. It allows you to limit users’ abilities (for example, disallow message creation but allow receiving only).


All of these make OnLAN Mesenger one of the safest and most secure and administrable instant messaging services.

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