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What prevents you from buying OnLAN Messenger?

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Client Features

Client part features (not all):

- Compatible with Windows (2000 to Windows 7)
- Multilingual interface
- Information encoding
- Information compression to decrease network traffic
- Safe and secure message transport. Message delivery, decoding, and decompression confirmation
- 100% guarantee of message reading. When you exit the messenger or shut down your computer, all new messages will remain in “Unread” status and will be shown on signing in until you read it.
- Fully adjustable and controllable (local or remote) program functionality and interface
- Server web interface allows adding a new user or changing user’s data
- Client may have full or limited access (for example, only receiving messages and not sending)
- Messages sending and receiving. There’s a multifunctional text editor window with an ability to add objects, pictures, and smileys.
- Files sending and receiving (adjustable functionality: no limits, receive or send only)
- Birthday reminder
- Graphic user status that are manually editable (away, working, busy, etc.)
- Graphic user status - automatic, depending on system status. («Normal»: regular status, «Computer is blocked»: user computer is blocked, «Away»: screensaver is running)
- Sent message status (sent, shown, or read)
- Message templates. Templates are easy to add and edit.
- A message can be sent to another user, department, or your personal group. You can also make a custom selection from the user list.
- Personal groups. You can create your own personal groups for your comfort and your private purposes. These groups may include users and system groups.
- You can send a message only to online users.
- You can send a message to online and offline (all) users. When you send a message to offline users, the message is sent to the server. The user will receive the message when he connects to the server (starts program). The message sending time and date will be depicted.
- Users’ context search
- Fast search and fast sending
- Auto-start program when OS starts.
- Settings saving for each account separately
- Users cannot exit the program. Only the administrator can terminate the program.
- Balloon tips
- Switching to another user without exiting the program.
- Messages history (incoming and outgoing)
- Separated message history for different users
- System message history
- Tab organization (My group, All, Online, or Personal) for more comfortable access to different users
- You can send a response or forward a message.
- You don’t lose your “input focus” on message receiving. For example, if you write an office document and a message is received, you’ll see the message window “on top,” but the text you have entered won’t be lost.
- Adjustable levels of indication on message receiving
- Play sound on message receiving
- Indicate when more than one message is received
- Showing user information (name, phone, e-mail, occupation, date of birth, etc.)
- Showing information about sending process
- Hide the program icon to the system tray


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