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OnLAN Messenger - instant lan messenger and messenger chat

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Corporate Messenger Service for Fast Communication

The “OnLAN Messenger” service’s name comes from “local area network [LAN] message exchange.” It underlines that OnLAN secure instant messenger is corporate-oriented (enterprise) and corresponds with the needs of companies (and sister companies) for a convenient, controllable, safe, and secure messaging software. OnLAN Messenger is a client-server, multi-user application for message and file exchange. This product has been specially developed for  corporate networks as an enterprise instant LAN messenger. Therefore, its functions (messenger and chat) and settings are primarily focused on making sure that businesses have a secure and convenient means of sending files and messages.

Top Benefits for Your Company:

 Send messages to your colleagues (anywhere in the world) through your own corporate instant messaging network
 Take advantage of features essential for your team and forget about useless and complicated functions
 Enjoy guaranteed highest security level with messenger chat, which simply can’t be achieved by public messengers like ICQ, AIM, and MSN
 Monitor the actual working time of your employees
 Save on the most cost-effective enterprise messaging software

Video Demonstration

Messages and files sending

Birthday notification

Available Client  Settings

Group Policy and Remote Settings

Message sending from Command Line


Message History

Personal groups

Server Management and History Audit

User base and company structure

Work time control


Unique Features


Corpsoft lan messenger messenger chat

 Always Online when Working: loaded on startup, a user can’t  force the messenger to close
 Guaranteed Delivery and Reading: 100% delivery and reading guarantee through read notification
 Working Time Monitoring: employees’ online presence reports, analytics, and charts
 Flexible Policies Editor: setting up different policies, settings, and roles for different users

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  Easy Centralized Installation and Setup of Communication Server: the software is installed once on administrator’s computer. After that, all users are ready to run it on their workstations.
 Administrators’ Web Interface: user-friendly administrator’s web interface that is accessible from anywhere
 Centralized Settings Management: each user’s messenger’s settings can be managed from the messenger server
 Centralized Updates: the software is updated for all users at once


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 All Actions and Messages in One Place: centralized actions logging and all messages viewed in web interface

 Active Directory Integration: Integration with any source or database on contact information (AD, LDAP, any DB, Excel, etc.)

 Outside Contacts Avoidance: messaging is limited within your company

 Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Terminal Server Support: secure data transfer through remote access

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 Visible Organizational Structure: multilevel hierarchy of departments and divisions of employees
 Group and Personal Messages: sending messages to a group of users or only to the chosen one
 Users’ Information: status, group, position, phone number, e-mail all in a popup window when aiming mouse pointer at a contact name in OnLAN Messenger’s main window
 Message Status and History: view status of sent/received messages in message history window

 Offline Messages: A user will receive sent messages as soon as he goes online

Corpsoft instant lan messenger

 User Status Support: view present status of a user: away, screensaver, computer blocked, etc.

 No Internet Connection Required: the system has its own secured messaging server
 Encryption and Compression: all messages are secured with cutting-edge encryption methods, and delivery is guaranteed by TCP protocol usage with minimum load of network channels

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 Formatted Messages and File Transfer: sending messages and files with formatting

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 Command Line Message Sending: sending messages from command line



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16/05/2013 12:34

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