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OnLAN Messenger

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OnLAN Messenger licenses should be bought according to the number of active user/computers and should be installed on the server side of the program.


When you buy standard license packages, you get the following:
 Royalty free licensing. No Yearly/Monthly fee

 Free lifetime tech support by e-mail
 Latest version maintenance subscription for 6 months


Campaign "Get a 50% discount!"

Corp Soft Company announces 50% price reduction on software for those who contact us for a free consultation.
Contact us by phone at +1(408)556-9798 or via email at and tell us in brief about your company’s activities so that we can make our product serve your business better.
Each company that receives a free consultation will be granted a 50% discount on OnLAN Messenger licenses.


Price (of Campaign)


25 license package

$ 300

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50 license package

$ 500

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100 license package

$ 800

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200 license package

$ 1200

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400 license package

$ 2000

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800 license package

+ Free VIP support for 1 year

$ 3500

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Unlimited license (for 1 company)

+ Free VIP support for 3 years

$ 6000

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Along with our products, we offer our clients services of VIP tech support, OnLAN Messenger remote installation and integration, and synchronization module for your company’s employee database development.


VIP Support (details)

We offer our users VIP support package. Advantages of VIP support are the following: 
 Privileged tech support for unlimited number of users
 Latest version maintenance subscription
 Fast technical support response within the next 24 hours
 Guarantee of full and detailed answers to your questions
 Direct contact to our staff via e-mail, phone, and Bug Report system
 Access to the extended user guide, containing information about effective program use
 Notifications about the latest updates and new versions
 Source codes of DBSync modules





VIP support single problem solution

$ 49

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VIP support for 6 months

$ 390

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VIP support for 1 year

$ 690

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VIP support for 3 years

$ 1490

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Installation and Integration

Installation and integration services include the following:

 Remote installation of OnLAN Messenger software in your company’s network

 Remote integration of OnLAN Messenger software with your company’s software system

 Remote access secured channel during installation and integration

 Integration with your authentication services

 Professional consultation by our high-skilled experts


Development services include the following:

 Development of DBSync module designed for your company’s employees database synchronization with OnLAN Messenger user database (contact list)

 Flexible module integration with your current software systems (HRM, ERP, CRM, etc.)

 Professional consultation by our high-skilled experts





Remote installation. Standard (2-4 hours)

$ 690

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Remote installation. Advanced (5-8 hours)

$ 1290

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Development. Customized DBSync module for contact list (employees database) synchronization. Standard (1 day)

$ 990

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Development. Customized DBSync module for contact list (employees database) synchronization. Advanced (2 days)

$ 1790

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