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What Makes OnLAN Messenger so Great!

Prior to using OnLAN Messenger, we used free LAN messengers for employee communication in our organization’s office. Though we use emails, the quickness of network messaging is more practical. Network messengers provided employees the convenience of not having to leave their desks just to communicate with their colleagues. Network messengers also save sent messages if receivers aren’t around yet.


The LAN messengers we used were the usual network messengers like Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Instant Messenger. But being a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, we needed to prioritize client integrity and secure messaging. We are aware of possible eavesdroppers in non-secure LAN messengers.


Efficient Security in new Corporate Messenger


I still consider free network messengers like Yahoo! Messenger the most useful creations in the computer world today, which means I hold nothing against them. However, these network messengers only give us limited or no control at all regarding security customization.  I am aware of the certain extent of control we have over messages that go through our network servers but we need to be able to customize the network messenger’s server application to enforce company rules and security. I believe what we needed was a corporate messenger that allowed us to have administrative control. I was searching for an affordable and more suitable replacement when I found out about the LAN messenger developed by CorpSoft called OnLAN Messenger.


If you haven’t heard about OnLAN messenger, it is a client-server corporate messenger that’s made for instant but secure messaging and files sharing. It accommodates many clients to one server and is designed to suit the needs of a business organization network like security and configurability.


This enterprise messenger is better than the free LAN messengers (Jabber, ICQ, YM, and MSN) because of its flexibility, customizability, and portability.  New business rules set up in the server are automatically enforced on the clients’ side. This new enterprise messenger doesn’t allow users at the client’s end to shut the program down, it allows sending of offline messages, the message status, delivery, and other message information are logged.


Convenient Installation of the Corporate Messenger


It was very easy to download messenger and install it in our organization’s computer network as the new network messenger. Management was very agreeable with using the new LAN messenger and the other employees immediately adapted to the new corporate messenger as its functions and interface are comparable to the previous LAN messengers.


The Client side of OnLAN Messenger


As mentioned, the client interface, function, and feel of OnLAN Messenger is quite the same as the usual LAN messengers. A contact’s status is seen through the different colors they are represented.  A contacts name appears BLUE if he is online, RED if offline, and GRAY if inactive.


Tabbed Menus


Menus in the interface are presented as tabs, namely My Group, Personal, All, and Online. The My Group tab generates a single list of other users in one group.  The Personal tab allows flexibility for the clients in that they can view, create, or modify existing user groups. The All tab generates a categorized list of the networks users while the Online tab lists down all users hooked up to the network and the new network messenger.


Functions and Features of OnLAN Messenger


On the interface are three buttons named Menu, History, and Settings. The Menu button includes the new corporate messenger’s functions like Refresh, Relog, Birthdays, and Help.  In Menu, the user can change his status to either Online, Away, Working Do not Disturb, Busy, Playing, and Conference. The Relog button shows the log in dialogue box so users can revalidate their presence in the network. The Refresh button refreshes the contacts list and the Birthdays menu shows an ordered list of employee’s birthdays from the nearest to latest dates.


A feature that I liked in OnLAN Messenger is the History feature found on the corporate messenger’s interface. The interface further divides into several submenus: Sent, Received, System, and Dialogue tabs.  These submenus organize the list of contacts for you according to their category.  To see information on all system messages, go to the System tab.  The information includes the sender’s status, time, and the message.


Anomalies and departmental conflicts cannot be fully avoided in an organization. However, OnLAN’s history tab has provided an effective and reliable solution to these problems.  Since the network messenger keeps an accurate computer-generated message log, messages, files, and their corresponding times and dates, irregularities could be looked into and conflicts are resolved quickly. Additionally, users can add their personal touch by customizing sounds and themes.


OnLAN Messenger Systems Administration


This is the most important feature in corporate messengers that I have been looking for and OnLAN Messenger had it that’s why I resolutely decided to employ the corporate messenger in our organization’s network. There are two modules of the server side of this secure messaging application. One is called the OnLAN Server, and the other the OnLAN Monitor.


The server module is in charge of facilitating data transport between clients and is the module connected to the corporate messenger’s central database.  The monitor module is in charge of the traffic of data in the network as well as a special feature designed to protect data in case of system bugs. The same feature also helps in quick re-launching of the program in case it shuts down. What’s more, I learned that the coding for both modules is highly compatible with our server’s operating system.


Management for the entire OnLAN application is strategically made available in the two modules–the server and monitor modules.  The monitor module is able to launch and kill operations running in the server module.  It can also restart the server.  This new corporate messenger also has the capability to reach across a virtual private network to connect with the server and clients at a remote site. Since it has the ability to send data across the Internet, its system has been designed to encrypt all data that travels across any kind of bus.


OnLAN Messenger provides a server window in its interface to allow access to the control console and provide first hand controllability. The server module has significantly aided our organization’s IT staff in terms of client and server testing, online users managements, database entry modification, new contact creation and authorization, active http management, and audit tools.


Managing Entries in the Database


With the old LAN messengers, only MS Access could be used as database, which meant manual data entry since the application is not designed to work with OnLAN Messenger.  But with OnLAN, the convenience of automatic data entry in terms of message logs and new user entries can be enjoyed because the corporate messenger comes free with OnLAN DBsync, a specialized database for the new office communicator. This database has enabled all data for the office communicator completely portable.


Rewriting and Implementing Business Rules and Security Procedures


Through OnLAN Messenger, my management colleagues can enjoy the ease and efficiency of creating, modifying, and eliminating company policies and security procedures.  This can easily be done on the Policy Editor window.  Administrator policy, user views, and message traffic can also be modified in this window.




With all of OnLAN Messenger’s features excellently suited for our organization’s operations and networking policies, this corporate messenger is another superb addition to top of the line LAN messaging applications for small to medium-sized businesses. It has superior customer service, very efficient application features, and an affordable price, making it one of the best corporate messengers available today.


by John Phillips


04/12/2008 18:45

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