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User's review: OnLAN Messenger - The Secure Instant Messenger

Our business has been employing a handful of widely-recognized instant messaging software, in order for us to keep in touch with the rest of the company. Even if we currently have our electronic mails, we think that implementing an instant messenger will make it easier for us. Rather than approaching someone for information, we can just buzz that certain person through a local messenger. Instead of leaving notes that have the possibility of getting lost, we can just leave a message through network messaging.


Standard local messenger applications are comprised of instant messaging from Yahoo! and MSN. But since our company is into business process outsourcing, wherein our reliability and our client information should be kept secure, we are worried of the possible threats that are brought about by common instant messenger services.



A More Secure and Better Alternative


It is not that I am unfavorable of the messenger services from Yahoo! and MSN. As a matter of fact, I think that instant network messaging is among the most beneficial technological inventions. The only thing I am much concerned about is the security threats through the use of these applications. Although I know that we are capable of checking messages, we want to be assured. We want to implement a useful and beneficial software application that lets execute quick server administration, restrictions, and policies. These should be a match with the ability of our company network. As I searched for a more favorable and cost-efficient substitute; I have come upon the OnLAN Messenger of CorpSoft.


OnLAN Messenger allows LAN messaging among client-servers and multiple users. This application has been created specifically as a corporate instant messenger. As of the recent times, it is regarded as a better counterpart of MSN, Jabber, YM, and ICQ. The settings and functions of OnLAN Messenger are intended primarily for secure instant messaging and easy tool configuration. It can be altered easily and it permits quick server set up.



Quick and Easy Usage


When we deployed OnLAN Messenger as our office communicator, we have not encountered problems at all. Our business management team is easily swayed into opting for this application. On the other hand, our workers deem it friendly because its capabilities and features are the same with their former domain messenger. Through LAN messenger, they know whether their contact is offline or online through the status mode. Based on the status of the contact, the name is highlighted. The red highlight means that the contact is not available, while the blue highlight is for available contacts. Lastly, the gray highlight implies inactive contacts.



The Tabs of the Interface


The user interface of OnLAN Messenger is separated into four.

  1. Personal – comprised of personal contacts group, which is created and changed anytime
  2. All – displays a contacts list that can be sorted through specific groups
  3. Online – displays recently network connected contacts
  4. My Group – provides a users list sorted through a default group


The Features and Functions


The LAN messenger has three buttons on its interface, which are the:

  1. Menu – provide the user with the application utilities such as status modes, which include busy, away, online, working, playing, conference, and do not disturb. You can also click on relog, help, refresh, and birthdays.
  2. History – this is one of the user interface features that I approve of. It is comprised of different tabs that include the system, dialogue, sent, and received. Through the tabs of this office communicator, you will be able to see the files, messages, or conversations that you have sent and received. These are grouped through tab categories. The messenger’s system tab displays received messages system information. This info includes time sent, message text, and status icon.
  3. Settings – the features and utilities of this button can be disabled, enabled, restricted, or altered through your messenger’s system administrator. Still, the settings utility provides you the capability to personalize the sound effects, message display window, appearance of your enterprise messenger, and some of its functions.


OnLAN Messenger Program Modules


The system administrator of the LAN messaging application is a feature that helped me persuade our company’s management team to use this service. Its server consists of two program modules.

  • OnLAN Server – assists information exchange between the clients, and manages database connections. When the LAN messenger is controlled by way of control console, this is executed through the server window. This program module has assisted the IT department of our company, when it comes to examining the clients and the server.
  • OnLAN Monitor – provides assistance to the server module. This is done through managing the start and stop function of the server manually. It quickly restores your business messaging service, after incidental glitches. It can restart the OnLAN server and can hook up to remote monitor components. Like the server, the monitor is capable of managing the messaging service.



Managing the Database


Common local messenger applications can be manually fine-tuned, or changed through Microsoft Access. But through the dedicated customer assistance and wonderful service of CorpSoft, you are permitted to get data from different sources. This is possible through the newly-developed software of the maker, which is OnLAN DBsync.


Through our new corporate messenger, editing lone and group client policies is simple. The server tools have a window for policy editing that lets us adjust and set up different policies easily.



LAN Messaging Real Time Statistical Info


The secure messaging services of OnLAN Messenger have a feature that enables us to view real time statistical information. These audit tools supply the following statistics:


  • Monitor Uptime – accurate monitor module running time
  • Last Server Start – last loading time format of the server
  • Server Uptime – the same with monitor uptime
  • Last Server Stop – stamp during the time when the server stops running before recent session
  • Crashes – the times that the network messenger crashed
  • Commands Executed – executed commands during recent sessions
  • Clients Timed Out – client number that the messenger server has not contacted
  • Client Connection Errors – the times the application server has not contacted recent session clients
  • Unsent Messages – unsent messages stored on the application server
  •  Active Users Online – recent online contacts
  •  Blocked Users Online – blocked recent online contacts
  •  Online Users – total recently connected users
  •  New Users – consent requests for new users
  •  Total Upload Errors – client errors

When you want secure messaging that is dependable and can be configured easily, the OnLAN Messenger is a great application. Whether your business is small or large, you can use this for excellent network messaging. Its cost is cheap, its software abilities outstanding, and its technology advanced.


by Chriss Malcom


26/11/2008 12:59

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