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Peter Let-ham,

Swift Board Solutions


I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. OnLAN is by far the most reliable instant messenger I’ve ever worked with. No Spam, no time-wasting features, only business!


Jennifer Swanson,



We were looking for an instant messaging service that best fits our needs for security and efficiency. OnLAN Messenger with its password encryption and flexible administration policies is a perfect tool for inside-the-office communications.



Hanz Stoiber,

Starpoint Bank


IMHO: OnLAN Messenger features everything an instant messenger for business should have. Besides, this solution is very affordable.


Mark Hirono,

YTC Miles


What I really like in Corp Soft’s software is that it’s all about security. With OnLAN Messenger installed on every computer in my company, I can be sure that employees don’t chat with people outside the office. That’s important for my business.


Dwayne Hoover,

Globe Investment Inc.


Installing the trial version of OnLAN Messenger helped me to realize the difference between public IM and IM for business. The communications take place inside our company’s corporate network and now I can contact any of my 346 workmates, viewing statuses of all of them in the contact list, immediately.

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